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With a unique manufacturing process and high quality materials, Precision Tank's fiberglass tanks are unmatched in strength and tank life.

Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass Tanks

Precision Tank Advantages

  • On-site delivery included
  • Helical winding for added strength
  • Custom made tops/bottoms for added strength
  • 3 year warranty





Fiberglass tanks are designed to eliminate the effects of fertilizer & chemical corrosion, providing long-term performance. All Precision Tank fiberglass tanks come with a 3-year warranty.

lsophthalic polyester resin is used throughout our standard fiberglass tanks. Vinyl ester resin is also offered for harsh environmental storage installations, and likewise is used throughout all tank layers.

The final gel coat exterior has the best resistance to ultraviolet light, and will last the entire tank life - no more repainting like mild steel tanks.

24" manhole and cover is standard on all fiberglass tanks.

3", 4" or 6" outlets are available, depending on fiberglass tank size and customer requirements.

Fiberglass tanks are 60% lighter and have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel tanks.

Due to increased longevity and low maintenance, fiberglass tanks are more cost effective than steel tanks.

Precision Tank is a leader in manufacturing fiberglass tanks. To learn more about finding the right fiberglass tank for you, please contact our sales team. 

FRP Composites Corrosion Applications

12,000 to 30,000 Gallon Capacity

Available Sizes for Fiberglass Tanks
12,000 gal
15,000 gal
25,000 gal
30,000 gal

Internal slope bottoms available on all tank sizes

Bulk Chemical Tank Capacity Calculators

Precision Tank

Tank Illustration



Tank Illustration


These volumetric tank calculators are supplied to you for informational purposes only. These capacity calculators are based on theoretical volumes not actual volumes, and do not reflect atmospheric conditions or thermal expansion/contraction due to temperature changes. If internal accessories such as pumps are present, displacement of these accessories must be considered. Therefore, neither Precision Tank, Inc. nor its officers, directors, employee affiliates or subsidiaries shall be liable for the user of this information covered within. This information is adviser only and the use of the material and methods is solely at the risk of the user. 

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