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Parts & Service  
Fertilizer related accessories, replacement repair parts and service


Precision stocks a complete line of fertilizer related accessories, replacement and repair parts. The new PT&E Parts Catalog is now available and contains listings for nearly 9,000 different parts held in our inventory, ready for immediate shipment. We carry all parts for Precision's line of applicators, tanks, mixers, and 10-34-0 production units. Precision also carries parts for almost every other applicator make and model.

*To view the complete catalog click on "Download PDF Catalog" below.

Download PDF Catalog 31MB


Call our Toll Free "Parts Hotline" today and request a copy of our new Parts Catalog.


Precision makes it easy to order. Just call our Toll Free "Parts Hotline" and place your order. If your order is placed before 3:00 p.m. CST, we guarantee same-day shipment of items in stock!

Daily shipments can be made from either of our two locations via Mail - UPS - Truck or Air. Overnite service available, if needed.