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Ethanol & Bio-Diesel
Bio-Diesel and Ethanol  
Bio-Diesel and Ethanol Tanks

Bio-Diesel and Ethanol Tanks

Tanks & Vessels

  • 300 Gal.-30,000 Gal.
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Storage tanks
  • Mix tanks
  • Flat bottom, cone bottom, dish bottom
  • Beam legs or skirted

Tank & Vessel Material

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel

Manufacturing Standards

  • UL
  • API

   Bio-Diesel and Ethanol - "Fuels of the Future"  

Precision Tank can provide custom designs and analysis of tanks and vessels for all your bio-diesel and ethanol processing and storage tank needs.  We are committed to providing high-quality products and services at competitive pricing.

As the demand for bio-diesel and ethanol grows, Precision Tank is gearing up for the anticipated boom in construction of these storage tanks. We offer process and storage systems designed to meet the specific needs of industrial, commercial and retail facilities.